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Fuse 2017
MIT Media Lab
June 7, 2017
The first Formlabs FUSE Conference celebrated the community of people using our technology to change the way things are made and solve global problems. Formlabs users from across the globe joined us to exchange best practices, hacks, and applications, share ideas, hear expert advice from industry leaders and the Formlabs team, and see a sneak peak into our future product plans.

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What’s Ahead for Formlabs
As 3D printing secures its place at the forefront of digital manufacturing and low-volume production, we’ll delve into new applications and explore future possibilities. How do these dynamics affect Formlabs users across industries? Uncover the state of additive manufacturing today and get a sneak peek at where it’s going.
User Presentation
Industry Vignettes
Gain insight and inspiration from across disciplines in this series of lightning talks. Industry leaders from engineering, modelmaking, and product design in manufacturing, education, jewelry, dentistry, and medicine will share their thoughts about the state of their respective industries and how they’re challenging the status quo and transforming their workflows.
Democratizing Digital Workflows
The most powerful technology is often the most inaccessible. It’s too expensive, has a high learning curve, and isn’t built to mesh with existing processes. How can you achieve the same high-quality output and value that cutting-edge tech offers, without the barriers? Meet two experts invested in translating technology for the real-world, changing the way professionals use these tools while dramatically increasing ROI and leading the way toward adoption and integration of digital workflows in dentistry and medicine.
Formlabs Materials Behind The Scenes
Go behind the scenes with Formlabs’ in-house materials science team to learn about how we develop resins for the Form 2. We’ll start with a live demo of how resins are made and how to optimize properties during post-processing, then share stories about the development of Durable, High Temp, Grey, and Ceramic Resins from the scientists behind these materials.
Scaling “Customized”: Going from One to Many
Conversations about 3D printing often focus on the unit—the end product or part. A digital factory, however, centers around producing many units. This panel is about scaling beyond the unit, while still maintaining the freedom that digital fabrication offers; the ability to produce both many, and unique, parts. Panelists will explore various perspectives on scaling the production of customized units, from short runs of art and engineering pieces to mass fabrication of unique consumer products at multinational companies like New Balance. We’ll also discuss scaling on the organizational level, taking examples from companies built around digital fabrication that have replicated and grown.

Thank you to our 3D Model designers

Jenny Wu of LACE Design, Papilio Ring | Noga Mazover, Seeds of Light |
Jessica Rosenkrantz of Nervous System, Minima Earring | David Block of Peru Meridian Studios, Screw + Nut | Sofie Belanger of Formlabs, Artery Model | CRM Dental lab, Dental Arch Model | Amos Dudley of Formlabs, Razor