Impact Award 2022

The votes are in – winners will be presented at our annual User Summit, October 26 & 27.

The Impact Awards honor Formlabs users whose work pushes not only the industry, but humanity forward, positively impacting the world in a way that was not possible before. This year, we’re expanding the awards across multiple categories to recognize a wider variety of boundary-breaking innovations across the world.

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Nominees for Impact in Medical

Shavini Fernando

Using Formlabs 3D printers, Shavini created the first-ever wearable and continuous oxygen monitoring device. Her invention allows those suffering from hypoxia to live much more comfortably – herself included!

Brian Albers
Saint Louis Childrens Hospital

During Brian's career, he has developed a number of 3D printing protocols for two different children's hospitals, including models for pre-surgical planning, surgical cutting guides, and surgical templates, impacing the outcomes for hundreds of pediatric patients. Brian also goes beyond the expected medical uses of 3D printing to care for his patients and their families. He has developed a process for 3D printable bereavement models for critically ill patients, an important and powerful memorial piece for parents.

Lianna Genovese
ImaginAble Solutions Inc.

Guided Hands is an assistive device that helps people with impaired motor movement to draw, paint, and write. Lianna created the first prototype as a student project, and it has since grown into a real product that has been tested and verified by neurologists, occupational therapists, and patients.

James Austin & Dr. Aadeel Akhtar

Psyonic is reinventing limb prosthetics with the world's first touch-sensing bionic hand. The startup is printing both end-use parts and molds for their innovative prosthetic that has already been adopted by Medicare and major national health systems.

Christophe Debat
Romans Ferarri

Romans Ferrari is a leader in burn treatment and recovery, using 3D printing to disrupt long-standing procedures and create custom masks to aid the maturation and dermal growth of the face for youth burn victims. Using a 3D scanner and a Fuse 1 printer, the hospital is now able to put the patient back at the center of a treatment and accelrate the recovery of their patients. In just one year, hospitals across France are already turning to Romans Ferrari to learn and adopt this new procedure.

ZooTampa and USF
The ZooTampa and USF helped an endangered bird with a life-threatening medical condition. To provide a successful restorative surgery for Crescent, a female Indian Hornbill diagnosed with cancer, the zoo partnered with medical experts at University of South Florida (USF), who used Formlabs technology and biocompatible resin to save Crescent from almost certain death.

The team at Medivis uses Formlabs printers for pre-surgery planning, particularly for complex brain surgery.

Nominees for Impact in Dental

Carolyn Kincade

Carolyn is an essential part of an interdisciplinary team that provides expertise in maxillofacial prosthodontics, rehabilitation medicine, engineering and computing science for head and neck reconstructive treatments and rehabilitation. She had dedicated her career to advancing the transition from analog to digital and printed prostheses, while constantly finding ways to make treatment faster and better for patients and their families.

Dr. Pablo & Alejandro Ramírez
Clínica Ramírez
Pablo & Alejandro Ramírez are the 5th generation of dentists in their family. Today they have a private clinic in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Ramirez Clinic), where they change patients lives with a philosophy based on patient care, interdisciplinary methods, and digital dentistry.

Stephan Kreimer
Kreimer Dentallabor GmbH & Co. KG
Stephan has been Formlabs' longest connected KOL (key opinion leader) for the dental field, has helped the Formlabs product team with extremely valuable input and he is at a level that he is basically a Formlabs employee! His dedication to work with Formlabs, implementing the technologies in his dental lab and also helping spread the word to peers, is extremely important.

Dr. Yurdanur Uçar
Motto Clinic Lara

Dr. Uçar has not only been working as a private practitioner pushing forward the adoption of 3D printing, she has also mentored several PhD students and supervised numerous research projects that are key to helping advance the dental profession.

Dr. Alejandro Pineda
Dr. Pineda is based in LATAM and with all the struggles to succeed implementing the digital workflow in Uruguay, he manages everyday to thrive and make an impact in the international community. He is extremely passionate and is taking Formlabs material documentation above and beyond.

Dr. Lisa Alvetro
Alvetro Orthodontics
Dr. Alvetro runs her own private orthodontics practice in Sidney, OH, US. She has dedicated her career to providing the best solutions to patients by adopting 3D printing in her practice but most importantly, empowering her team to dominate the workflow. She is an expert voice in the orthodontics field from clear aligner therapy to indirect bonding techniques and she even explores further opportunities with restorative materials that can help in the orthodontic procedures she delivers. She lectures internationally and also dedicates time to teaching new generations.

Dr. Daniela Parusheva

Dr. Parusheva is a leading professional responsible for popularizing the use of the 3D printing innovations in the dental medicine in Bulgaria. Her dental clinic is the first of its kind in Bulgaria to adopt same day dentistry using the Formlabs printers and Permanent Crown Resin. Her practice has won many awards including the upcoming Forbes Innovation Awards in the Innovative Services category.

Nominees for Impact in Product Design + Engineering

Tom Watkins
Forge Motorsport

Forge Automotive is a custom automotive parts company in the UK. They're pushing the boundaries of small-business production abilities with the Fuse 1. They also utilizing other digital tools such as 3D scanning to dial in the proper size and geometry for automotive parts.

Tim Schuetze
HTW Berlin

As an industrial designer, Tim recognized that society's perception of masculinity and femininity is clearly evident in the products that we use daily. One of the areas where this is strongly noticeable is ergonomic products, which are often designed based on gender stereotypes. As part of his bachelor's thesis, he focused on promoting equality and diversity through a gender-sensitive bike saddle, in which 3D printing on the Fuse 1 is used to create products tailored an individual.

Tom Heindl
Tom creates parts for mobile machines like tractors, municipal, and construction vehicles at IBL Hydronic, primarily working with 3D printing. He designed and 3D printed an armrest for tractors including ambient and logo lighting, with various textures incorporated.

Charlie Byrd
M2 Optics Inc.

M2 Optics has leveraged additive manufacturing to make a massive impact for custom fiber optic solution design and production for the aerospace and communication industries. Lighter weight, more precise components can be designed and manufactured in a matter of hours - not days or weeks - decreasing cost while also bringing supply chain control in house. Charlie brings an extensive skill set including mechanical design, industrial design, and additive manufacturing expertise to enrich M2's value proposition to the customer. He leverages the Form 3 and Form 3L to maintain M2's position as the world leader in high-density packaged, and custom application fiber optic solutions.

Edgar Unigarro
Universo Sigma

Universo Sigma created a product in response to the pandemic to prevent future lockdowns. They designed a portable filter that can be used in any home or business removing 90% of viruses, bacteria and fungi from indoor air. The product uses electricity for its operation and does not require the use of disposable filters or activated carbon.

Nominees for Impact in Research + Education

CAPT Brad Baker

CAPT Baker started the MakerSpaceUSNA from scratch. The large 3D printing and design at the US Naval Academy now includes over 30 3D printers, including virtually every product in the Formlabs ecosystem, and trains hundreds of future Navy and Marine Corps officers every year. He also makes substantive contributions to use of 3D printing in the Navy and DOD, and developed a 3D printing qualification program similar to qualification programs in the DOD that ensures users are trained and experienced in additive manufacturing. His students are now the ones making an impact in the Fleet and DOD.

Ryan Mandell
Origin Labs at Penn State

As the current Director of the new Origin Labs at Penn State's Innovation Hub, Mandell engineered the space to be available to not only the students, but the local community in an effort to offer re-skilling to a to a population of ex-coal workers. His lab houses many Formlabs printers, among other technologies.

Andrew Bergeron and James Crigger
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Andrew and James are the first researchers to 3D print nuclear fuel, and they used a Form 3 printer to achieve this milestone for the nuclear industry. Changing fuel pellet geometry and design has significant advantages for efficiency, safety and fuel burn-ups. While the team has expanded to use of additional types of 3D printers, their initial successes were acheived on Formlabs machines.

Julien Bajolet

Julien does extensive work in development of training and certifications for additive manufacturing.

Nominees for Impact in Manufacturing

Christian Ahlmann-Egeda
Carmo A/S

Christian has achieved high-quality injection molds in a series of 15 functional prototypes using Formlabs Grey Resin. The prototypes were quite complex, consisting of 26 individual parts. Each mold was used to produce 10-50 injection molded parts for a client. He estimates that this hybrid workflow helped reduce his client's time to market by 1-2 years.

Patrick Marr

Hasbro is disrupting the design and manufacturing status quo to create first of their kind mass customized action figures. In a field that has felt homogonous for a long time, the Selfie Series action figures enable anyone's face, skin color and hair style to be part of the identity of their favorite movie or comic book hero.

Nominees for Impact in Art + Design

Quincy Vadan
Vadan LLC
Quincy started out with one Formlabs printer and went on to create a successful/profitable jewelry design business in less than a year, doing projects for companies like Amiri and Tweeterhead as well as his own personal line of sterling silver jewelry.

Jaco Snyman
Dreamsmith Studios

Jaco and his team are working tirelessly to disrupt the TV/movie prop making industry, creating new innovative approaches to how (and how fast) props and prosthetic makeup effects are created, while never sacrificing on quality.

Allan Drummond
University of Chicago

A biochemistry professor at Univ. Chicago by day, Dr. Drumond's sculptural work uses 3D printing and metal casting to create highly detailed jewelry based on both modern and ancient insects. He's redefining the way we see the animal world, using art as a form of scientific communication.

Jenny Wu
LACE by Jenny Wu

Jenny is a multidisciplinary designer, architect and jeweler based in LA. Her jewelry brand just launched the LACE Sampling Program, an innovative take on try-on samples for customers who purchase jewelry online. Customers receive a package of rings or cuffs printed in Nylon 12 on the Fuse 1, enabling them to assess sizing and style before selecting a casted gold piece from the collection.

Nominees for Impact in Sustainability

Nate Formel and Dr. Ian Enochs
To fight the effects of climate change, researchers across the world are employing novel and innovative techniques. A team of researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) relies on 3D printing to help them achieve repeatable, customized parts for coral reef research and monitoring. They are pushing the boundaries of using 3D prints in extreme (underwater) environments, while expanding our understanding of how to combat climate change.

ShaRepair Team
PrintCity MMU

Manchester Metropolitan University has a 3D printing facility called PrintCity which is open to students and companies. Within the facility, PrintCity has 5 funded research projects dedicated to Sustainability and Circular Economy. ShaRepair aims to support and help scale the citizen repair movement through the promotion of innovative technologies to produce spare parts and components. The project uses Form 3 and 3L printers and Engineering Resins to produce replacement components for electrical appliances. Outputs of the project include 175 tonne reduction in waste electrical and electronic equipment in the study’s pilot cities. The project is also promoting the creation of open-access tools and resources promoting digital design and 3D printing for repair.

Ferran Navarro

Siocast developed a new machine that bridges the gap between injection molding and resin casting. They also developed molding and casting materials that are 100% recyclable, resulting in a zero waste workflow. In their work, Formlabs prints to make high quality 3D printed masters.

Peter Deppe

Kuhmute is expanding access to micromobility with their universal charging stations, which rely on custom mounting components printed on the Fuse 1. Peter and his team are seeking to get more people out of single occupancy cars and move them toward choosing more efficient modes of transportation, like electric scooters, and bikes, and cargo bikes.

Nominees for User Achievement Awards

Britt Ransom
Carnegie Mellon University

Thinnest Print! Britt is a sculptor and associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Her work leverages environmental data, which is transformed into digitally manufactured sculptures with references to both natural and manufactured human environments.

Rafael da Silva
Most Complex SLS Print! Rafael designed a functional Rubiks Cube that is entirely printed in place on the Fuse 1. But it gets more complex than that -- each cube has a unique texture built in, from a turnable screw thread and nut, to a flexible brush-like fins.

Joel Telling
3D Printing Nerd

Greatest Reach! Joel is the founder and host of the 3D Printing Nerd YouTube channel. Through his inspiring and engaging content, he is popularizing and normalizing 3D printing, and educating the general public on the capabilities of modern additive tools including Formlabs products, and beyond.

Oriberic Art Productions
Largest Print!
Orberic Art Productions performs 3D scanning and printing for original art, reproductions, and repair. They recently produced a lifesized human sculpture entirely using parts printed on the Form 3L.

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